Why Borrowers Prefer Stallion Funding

Image of builders working on the roof of a house

Value Added

Our team has been involved with over $50 million in commercial and residential projects and can help identify pitfalls. We also consult on complex issues to ensure a successful project.

Quick Decisions

We provide feedback within days.


We offer the flexibility to structure transactions in many different ways.


Our experienced, professional team provides unparalleled service.


We use our own capital so you know that our yes means, "Yes."

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13187 Research Blvd Austin, TX $160,000 2312 S. 4th Street, Austin, TX $283,000 Raw Land Arion Pkwy San Antonio $750,000 3710 Pleasantville Road, Midlothian $385,000 136 Stable Oaks, Liberty Hill, TX $185,000