Investor Program Outline

The following is an overview of the Stallion Funding Investor Program. For the full Investor Program, please download the full Stallion Funding Investor Program PDF.

The goal of Stallion Funding is to combine excellent investment opportunities with superior customer service. We are opening doors for investors and developers. Stallion Funding uses private money, proprietary and from investors, to fund each project. The appeal of investing with Stallion Funding is the ability to easily participate in tangible, controlled real estate projects while earning a superior rate of return with a secured position.

Stallion Funding takes responsibility for locating, evaluating, underwriting, and servicing these opportunities for its investor clientele.

Product Structure

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Real estate lending is characterized by making a loan to a borrower who executes a promissory note and deed of trust that encumbers the borrower's real property.

The promissory note is the borrower's promise to repay the loan. The deed of trust is a security instrument that creates a lien against the borrower's real estate. The deed of trust is recorded with the county where the property is located. A deed of trust can be recorded in different lien positions.

Stallion Funding typically only offers investments in 1st lien positions and will only offer a subordinate position when the superior liens can be fully managed. The date and time of the recording of the deed of trust establishes lien priority of the deed of trust.

Standard Structure

The standard investment opportunity consists of a note and deed of trust in the 1st lien position that will encumber investment property owned by the borrower. The standard terms of the note are as follows:

  • One year maturity
  • Monthly interest-only payments
  • 65% loan to value for most real estate
  • 40% loan to value for land/lots
  • Construction funds are held in escrow
  • Personal Guarantee from Borrower or 3rd Party

Stallion Funding will lend up to a maximum of 65% loan to value using the as-is, after repaired, or after completed value. That means that for every dollar of value that exists or that is created through construction, the investor is only loaning 65 cents. This structure allows the investor's principal to have a buffer of protection against loss.

Stallion Funding uses a conservative process to release construction funds. There are regularly scheduled inspections to further protect investors. Money is released only after work is completed and inspected.

Payments are due on the first of every month and a late payment fee is assessed if payments are not received by the 10th of the month.

There are no participation or service fees charged to the investor by Stallion Funding. Investors enjoy the full pass through of the interest rate of the note and the assurance that their investment is being professionally managed.

Download the full Investor Program Outline to learn more about investing with Stallion Funding.
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